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Helping Ukrainian Developers

Last updated on March 12, 2022

I’ve been paying attention to Apple for a long time. I have been to Macworld, MacTech, MacStock, Mac User Groups, and met MANY people along the way. Some of the standouts include developers and companies based in Ukraine. Some of them have shared stories from the ground, and posted ways people can offer assistance. I’ll share some below, and this list will be updated as needed:

Eugene is the developer of Unclutter, a nifty little utility that can help keep files under control and includes a clipboard manager. You can “name your price” for a license on the Unclutter site.

MacPaw makes SetApp, CleanMyMac, ClearVPN, and more. Their CEO has posted an update on how they’re doing, a list of resources for people to donate, and included a list of things MacPaw themselves are doing to help people.

In the iOS App Store, News app, and on, there are links to donate to UNICEF to help relief efforts.

If you have more, please leave them in the comments for a future update.

Image via Seth Globepainter


  1. jeff
    jeff March 10, 2022

    Spark Mail originated in Ukraine, and I believe many of their team are still there.

  2. Patrice
    Patrice March 13, 2022

    Readdle is Ukrainian (based out of Odessa and Kyiv I believe)
    So is Grammarly

    And then Ukraine is also a hub for outsourcing companies like SoftServe (where I have 2 teams that report to me)

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